Virtual architectural models, visualization and walkthrough

Virtual architectural models, visualization and walkthrough

Present your static architectural models as a game-like experience where your clients can freely navigate in a beautiful and rich environment. This is an excellent solution to better affect the perception of the viewer. Virtual architecture is great for marketing, public consultations and visual studies of your architectural projects. Proper presentation of a project is extremely important, as it allows one to increase its effectiveness. Our architectural visualizations are available as virtual web models, standalones, mobile experiences or for viewing though VR goggles.

Virtual reality solutions facilitate making key decisions regarding the use of space. We are well aware that a high-quality architectural walk-through should be characterized not only by the quality of the virtual reality tools used but also by clarity and innovation. What makes our virtual architecture system stand out from traditional solutions, such as architectural static renders or video visualizations, is the complete freedom of the user to move around the virtual model and to make decisions concerning the what, where and how.

Our architectural visualization is superlative in its visual quality because we use a series of functions that are innovative for this type of solution, including dynamic photometric lighting, real-life weather effects, animated vegetation that changes with the seasons, and much more. The objective of these solutions is to show the potential of the infrastructure to the greatest extent possible. An architectural visualization created in cooperation with us is always one of a kind, even more so because although we work in line with strict professional standards, the main objective for each architectural walk-through is to satisfy the contracting party and to meet one hundred percent of their requirements.

Virtual architecture enables one to capture the individual character of a given facility, while the use of real-time 3D graphics gives the opportunity to present an accurate vision of the finished project. Virtual architecture is an invaluable state-of-the-art solution because a high-quality architectural walk-through provides the opportunity for customers to visualize the potential residing in a building that has yet to be constructed. Architectural visualization includes simulations that show effects that are identical to those later obtained in real life. Our architectural visualization involves the presentation and assessment of architectural models for future development plans, presentation of historical data and changes in the urban environment over a given period of time, as well as cadastral data display, sunlight/shade studies and dazzling effect studies.

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