Vallilanlaakso Hydrological Simulation

Vallilanlaakso Hydrological Simulation

Created for The City of Helsinki Public Works Department, it is an online virtual reality presentation of Kumpula brook and Vallilan valley area hydrological simulation data, showing the possible flood situations in simulated periods of two, five, twenty and fifty years.

Both hydrological simulation data and the area model were provided by our partner – Sito Oy, who’s task was to design the system of storm water delaying and filtering pools. Our virtual reality online project was later used to present this pre-calculated hydrological data and designed pool system model to the public in a visual and comprehensible way.

Use cases:

  • presentation and assessment of the designed infrastructure model
  • presentation and assessment of hydrological simulation data
  • presentation of possible impact of flood situations on the surrounding area

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