Lighting design tools

Lighting design tools

Designing street or interior lighting in real-time, 3D WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment, is an up-to-date alternative to traditional methods of design. The lighting design tools that we offer utilize advanced features of 3D engines, such as the direct use of IES data, global illumination or complex light calculation algorithms, which allows for physically-correct results, both in terms of photometric light emission as well as energy consumption calculations.

In addition to exact, realistic visualizations of lighting solutions in 3D, our lighting design application also calculates project key statistics, such as energy consumption levels, costs, number of lighting points, etc. Those calculations are done automatically in runtime as the user modifies project parameters, and the resulting data is saved in a variety of formats - pdf, xml, csv, web API.

The lighting design tools that we offer work both in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operational systems, either as standalone applications or as online solutions (web-model).

Key features:

  • Compared to traditional solutions, our lighting design application allows for adjusting project parameters and observing the results on the fly, without any need for time-consuming re-calculations, as those results are automatically updated in real-time. Owing to the above, the whole design process becomes faster and more efficient.
  • When using our lighting design solutions, the users can immediately focus on achieving the desired end result, instead of spending a lot of time trying to adjust project parameters by guesstimating them first. This allows even those less experienced users to achieve a satisfactory end result in reasonable time.
  • In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, the lighting design tools that we develop provide users with additional benefits, namely: the ability for fast and effective creation and testing of many different design alternatives in a given project (fast prototyping), possibility of remote online cooperation of several users in the case of a web-based solution or the possibility to publish a work-in-progress or final version of the project in different forms (such as an online presentation) for client or public consultations.

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