Virtual Reality Solutions

We offer complex virtual reality solutions and services utilizing our proprietary, advanced real-time 3D technology based on Unity or Cesium engines, which allow our clients to present their projects, data and designs in innovative, eye-catching and user-friendly way. Our solutions support most of the available platforms and operating systems: online presentations, both plugin-based and WebGL, Windows, Mac OS and Android, mobile platforms, VR goggles and cave installations.

Real-time visualization

Use our advanced tools of real-time visualization for the presentation of various data and spatial solutions in a wide range of applications and fields. Let the user modify different parameters of your projects and observe the results in real time without a need for any pre-calculations.

Infrastructure visualization

Convert your complex technical infrastructure models that only professionals can use into easy to navigate, lively virtual online models accessible for a wide audience. Great for public consultations or various kinds of visual studies of your infrastructure projects.

Virtual architectural models

Present your static architectural models as a game-like experience where your clients can freely navigate in a beautiful and rich environment. Great for marketing, public consultations or visual studies of your architectural projects. Available as virtual web models, standalone, mobile experiences or for viewing though VR goggles.

Traffic systems and data visualization

Present your traffic designs and traffic data to your clients or to the general public in clear, realistic context, allowing them to easily understand your ideas. Great for traffic safety analysis, environmental impact studies, public consultations or visual studies of your traffic solutions.

Advanced data visualization

Utilize our tools of advanced data visualization based on virtual reality solutions to visualize complex spatial data sets in a comprehensible and user friendly way. Conduct various visual studies and analyses in a dynamic 2D/3D environment and follow their progress and results in real time.

Lighting design tools

Design street or interior lighting solutions fast in our advanced real-time lighting visualization tool without any need for pre-computing the results. Calculate the energy consumption on the fly as you make changes in your project. Publish your designs easily to different platforms as web models or standalone applications.

Virtual Reality Solutions

GIS Solutions

We provide complex GIS solutions and services related to the acquisition, storage, presentation, maintenance and management of all sorts of geospatial data used by municipalities, business and institutions. We help our clients to improve their efficiency, reduce costs and speed up their processes by digitalizing and automating many of their tasks and by developing new, innovative solutions matching their needs.

Louhi - Spatial Data Management System

Easy-to-use web-based situational awareness platform integrating different types and sources of geo-referenced data into single map service. Access, search and analyse all relevant municipal or business data and documents. 

Extensions for existing applications

Reduce costs and add value to the systems, tools and applications you or your clients are currently using by creating new, advanced and more efficient features and processes. Automate labour-intensive tasks and procedures by implementing new solutions we can create and deliver according to your specific demands.

On-site data collecting tools

Create, gather and process different types of location-specific data using our mobile solutions. Geo-reference your data automatically, assign attributes, parameters and features or manage your projects easily on-site with the mobile device.

GIS Solutions

About Us

We are a young, energetic company from the IT sector. Our goal is providing clients with innovative, technologically advanced solutions which are perfectly suited to their needs. We can deliver almost any high-quality IT solution at a competitive price.

We specialize in providing digital services in such areas as infrastructure, traffic, logistics, land use and environment. We deliver solutions that support planning, decision-making, development and management of information and operational data systems.

Our experienced and highly flexible team of dedicated IT professionals covers all stages of the software-development process, from an initial consultation, to actual project management and production, to delivery and maintenance of the final solution.

We have strong relationship with large Finnish company Sito Oy., which operates in the infrastructure sector. Where necessary, our partner supports us with their resources, allowing us to work effectively on a scale which is normally not available to small companies.

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